23 January 2022,   03:03
If the government deceives the international community once again, Georgia’s financial support will be terminated - Roman Gotsiridze

Roman Gotsiridze, one of the leaders of the United National Movement, talked about the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Dgis Kurieri.

The MP noted that in order to legitimize the elections, it is necessary to fulfill both parts of the agreement (constitutional amendment and cessation of political persecution).

According to him, if the Georgian Dream violates the agreement reached with the opposition and the international community, the country’s financial support from the European Union and the United States will cease.

“If anyone thinks that Ivanishvili will be able to deceive the international community and his own people for the second time, he / she is very mistaken. He already deceived people once – I mean the issues of transition to a proportional system. The President Salome Zourabichvili from the UN tribune deceived the whole world.

Recognition of the election and the legitimacy of its outcome depends on the agreement reached between the opposition, the government and international partners.

Therefore, in order to hold elections, it is necessary to adopt an election law, which requires the cessation of political persecution”, - concluded Gotsiridze.