23 January 2022,   03:14
Bolsonaro tells rally Brazil lockdown destroying jobs

Brazil’s President Jail Bolsonaro railed against the country’s lockdown in a speech to thousands of anti-confinement demonstrators as the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections passed 100 000, with more than 7 000 deaths.

Bolsonaro blamed state governors for continuing the lockdown in a speech outside his presidential palace in Brasilia.

“The destruction of jobs by some governors is irresponsible and unacceptable. We will pay a high price in the future”, - said Bolsonaro.

He has repeatedly clashed with state governors, insisting that strict containment measures they are imposing are an overreaction, and damaging to the economy.

Brazil registered 101 147 confirmed cases of the virus by Sunday, according to figures released by the Brazilian health ministry, with 275 deaths from COVID-19 within the previous 24 hours.