26 January 2021,   20:28
Locals, demanding help from authorities, holding demonstration in Marneuli

The locals of Marneuli gathered outside the City Hall, demanding help from authorities due to the financial crisis amid coronavirus. 

The Mayor of Marneuli Zaur Dargali is on the scene, calling on the population to keep the social distance and stay home.

“You know that we help certain families. Unfortunately, some families report that everyone should receive this assistance, although this is for certain groups. We have lists and we will go to every family, we will help everyone”, - said Zaur Dargali.

“My husband is paralyzed for 12 years, he also has diabetes. I want social support just like others. I am retired. What can we do? To starve to death?”, - said one of the locals.

Law enforcers have arrived at Marneuli City Hall, urging the population to protect the social distance and adhere to the restrictions imposed within the framework of the quarantine regime.