26 January 2021,   10:29
Five million GEL accumulates in StopCov foundation - Business Ombudsman

Business ombudsman Mikheil Daushvili said a total of GEL million has been accumulated at StopCoV Fund and the activity of companies and citizens is quite high.

“Several companies operating in Georgia expressed an active desire to cooperate - in solidarity with the Government - in the implementation of measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and to allocate corresponding financial resources as well.

We are happy to see our citizens and business officials cooperate with the government smoothly. The funds will be spent on the wellbeing of people by the Georgian legislation. The socially vulnerable groups of the public would be a priority when financing from the foundation”, - concluded Daushvili.

For the purpose of an effective implementation of the privet sector’s initiative, a special platform was created under the instruction of the Prime Minister, within the framework of which the Business Ombudsman’s Office will identify needs and ensure the appropriate allocation of resources, in coordination with the private sector.