27 January 2021,   01:44
From tomorrow Tbilisi bus service rules will change – Kakha Kaladze

The rules while traveling with buses in Tbilisi are changing. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi. According to Kakha Kaladze, the driver’s space will be isolated from the rest of the bus to protect the safety distance.

“The public knows that the Tbilisi metro and buses go through disinfection processes daily. Citizens will only use the back doors of the bus and will not be in direct contact with the driver. Starting from tomorrow, the work of Tbilisi Transport Service conductors will stop temporarily. They will get salaries despite the new rules.

To overcome this challenge, we need the state to work, as well as the consolidation of society, high civic responsibility, and discipline. I want to urge our fellow citizens to avoid public places and movement if not necessary”, - concluded Kakha Kaladze.