21 January 2021,   03:07
Socially vulnerable and pensioners over the age of 70 to be assisted by social groups

The Ministry of Economy, the Georgian Post and the Ministry of Health have been tasked with creating a joint mechanism to assist socially vulnerable and pensioners over the age of 70. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Giorgi Gakharia talked about this issue during the press-conference, after the meeting of the Coordination Council.

“We must take care of our elderly people first and foremost. This is critically important. Especially those over the age of 70. It is the Government’s recommendation that citizens over the age of 70 should be self-isolated. This is extremely important and we must all understand that it is our duty. To address this task, the Ministry of Economy and the Georgian Post, together with the Ministry of Health, have been tasked to create a mechanism to assist vulnerable pensioners over the age of 70 on a daily basis.

Citizens should show civic responsibility, as the global challenge cannot be handled only by the government.

We must all work together to tackle this global challenge effectively. I would like to emphasize that there is no reason to panic - as we acted very efficiently at the import stage and we will continue to act so to respond appropriately to the challenges at the virus spread stage”, - concluded the Head of the Government.