25 October 2020,   12:59
EMC urges gov’t to introduce higher safety standards for consumer sector employees following recent fatality

The Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) urges the Government to introduce higher standards for consumer sector employees following the recent murder of a Spar supermarket employee.
A confrontation between the employee and a customer took place on December 2019.
EMC recommends the labor inspectorate check the working conditions and safety standards of the supermarket “Spar”, and also to determine whether the absence of a security service is linked to the accident.
“This case shows that the employer is obliged to ensure a safe working environment and minimize any danger which may be risky for the employee in the process of working… This should be provided by the state with appropriate law and effective institutions.

The interviewees consider that working under surveillance cameras is an insufficient guarantee for night-shift employees in case of an attack. In addition, in the work space employees are not allowed to carry phones due to which in case of emergency they have to remotely communicate only with the security service of the company. The above-mentioned fact excludes the possibility of calling the patrol police without the involvement of the security service”, reads the study.

EMC calls on the Parliament of Georgia to change the Labor Code to protect workers from exploitative and dangerous labor and to strengthen the Labor Inspection Department by mobilizing appropriate resources.