16 January 2021,   13:42
Noise in the Parliament - Opposition and majority blame each other for church fight

The plenary session is underway at the Parliament of Georgia. The lawmakers started mutual accusations and verbal confrontation after Dimitry Khundadze, the member of the parliamentary majority, addressed the sitting and accused opposition MPs of fighting against the Church.

"It is impossible to assess the latest developments in our country without a special emotion and a completely planned special operation against the Church and the Patriarch of Georgia. It seems that the National Movement is starting a decisive battle and is ready for everything. They purposely discredit all institutions”, - majority member Dimitri Khundadze addressed the members of the "National Movement”.

“The only archbishop speaks about the attack on the church - Archbishop Jacob - and blaming you and Bidzina Ivanishvili. I was surprised to see Mr. Dimitri [Khundadze] coming out. Do you have such a harsh tone towards Bidzina? Because no one else in this country is being blamed for rebelling against the church. Gakharia and Ivanishvili are only blamed", - said Akaki Bobokhidze.

His statement was followed by a brawl in the hall.