22 October 2020,   10:06
France"s Macron laments "brain death of NATO"

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on European allies to "wake up" to the realities of the transatlantic alliance before it"s too late.

"What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO," Macron said in an interview for The Economist. Alliance members "should reassess the reality of what NATO is in light of the commitment of the US".

Macron criticized NATO member Turkey"s military operation against the Western-allied, Kurdish forces that helped defeat the "Islamic State" in Syria and the US decision to withdraw troops from the region without consulting NATO allies.

"You have partners together in the same part of the world, and you have no coordination whatsoever of strategic decision-making between the United States and its NATO allies. None. Strategically and politically, we need to recognize that we have a problem", - Macron said