23 September 2021,   00:29
Situation in Gugutiantkari - After 6-hour work, Russian occupiers complete illegal borderization process


After a six-hour work in Gugutiantkari, Russian occupants have completed the process of illegal boarderization. Armed, masked soldiers have installed iron structures to install new Russian barbed wires. The occupants brought the building material and iron poles with trucks this morning at about 11:00.

Locals try to avoid communication with media, while some of them say that due to the ongoing process s, it is difficult for them to live in the village in terms of security.

Locals say they are not sure that their homes and gardens will not appear beyond the so-ccalled border.

Local government officials, including the chairman of the Gori City Council, are in Gugutiantkari.

Davit Razmadze says work is underway to ensure that the irrigation system that supplies the village does not fall behind barbed wire fences in the occupied territory.

The council chairman says the issue has not yet been resolved.

The process of erection of artificial barriers by the occupation forces started on August 7 near the village of Gugutiantkari in Gori municipality.