26 October 2021,   16:50
Life-threatening technical dyes in products - 6 out of 42 product contained life-threatening substances

Life-threatening technical dyes in food products - information portal Momkhmarebeli.ge publishes the information. The media sent various products of Georgian production to one of the famous laboratories in Germany for testing. The study found that 6 out of 42 products contained life-threatening substances. Unscrupulous producers use poisonous substances mainly to make food red.
“These are paints that are not allowed to be used for food at all. Therefore, ingestion of such dyes presents a serious health risk and degenation of genes. Foods of this group are used to give red color,” - said Vakhtang Kobaladze, a spokesman for Media Portal.
“Paints that are synthetic are used to produce mutations. It is equivalent to death," - Eter Sarjveladze said.
The head of the National Food Agency"s Food Safety Department suggests that the poisoning substance may contain red pepper imported from abroad. According to Giorgi Mikadze, laboratory research will be carried out to determine this.