21 October 2021,   09:21
"What is happening here is very alarming" - Diplomatic corps on the illegal actions of the Russian Federation

So-called Borderization process in Gugutiantkari - about 20 countries were presented on site. Representatives of the diplomatic corps, along with members of the foreign ministry, arrived in the area where Russian occupants are installing wires. Ambassador of Estonia reiterated his support for Georgia"s territorial integrity.
"Of course, what is happening here is very alarming, not only in the political context but also in the humanitarian sense. It is difficult for me to assess the steps taken by the Georgian government, but I think this issue needs the full attention of the international community,” - said Kai Carlsson.
The deputy head of the EU Delegation to Georgia also speaks about the actions of Russian occupants that violate the rights of locals. According to him, these issues will be discussed within the framework of Geneva discussions.
The Ambassador of Japan hopes that the situation will return to the pre-conflict condition.
The Ukrainian ambassador reiterated his support for Georgia"s territorial integrity.
"Ukraine reaffirms its support for Georgia"s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We call on the Russian Federation to withdraw the occupation forces from Georgia and Ukraine and fully comply with the ceasefire agreement," - the Ukrainian ambassador said.