26 October 2021,   16:44
"You should ask Russia what he is planing for future" - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Deputy Foreign Minister asserts that the Georgian authorities are doing everything in their power to stop the illegal process in Gugutiantkari. According to Lasha Darsalia, there is intensive work with the international community, diplomatic corps to stop Russian occupation of Georgian land.
"In general, Russia is conducting the so-called borderization in order to put pressure on ... Russia should be asked what they will do in future. We said that the illegal process is currently suspended and the state is working on all available mechanisms to keep the process from going on," - Darsalia said.
The spokesman of Foreign Ministry said there is significant international support for Georgia at this stage.
"We are dealing with the Russian Federation, it is very important for Georgia, first of all, the support of the international community, it is very important that the issue of occupation is on the international agenda and as you know, very important statements have been made by our partners in recent days," - said Darsalia.