21 October 2021,   09:44
"It is shameful.. Russia started the war... Russia is an occupant" - Letters for the broadcasting company Imedi

Distorted History of the August War - organizers of the anti-occupation rally are launching a new initiative after the scandalous movie aired on Imedi TV. They plan to send critical messages to the broadcasting company where the civil position will be fixed. The organizers of the anti-occupation rally condemn the concept of a movie aired by Imedi, where Georgia is seen as the initiator of the war.
"This is an appeal to Imedi TV for the shameful story they did on Monday, It"s a shame, Russia is an occupier, a war has started by Russia and this war has been going on for a long time, Georgia at least, never initiated this. Letters are being sent from Tbilisi and 6 regions," - said one of the protesters.
"We will win the war started by someone else peacefully," an untitled film was aired on August 11 by Imedi TV, which was criticized by the public. Representatives of political organizations and media outlets have accused the film"s authors of spreading Russian propagandistic messages.