26 October 2021,   16:06
"Political Prisoners of June 20" - New movement for the protection of detainees of June 20

"Political Prisoners of June 20" - a new movement is created to protect the injured and detained since June 20.
"We are launching a movement to protect everyone, we will defend every prisoner," - said Kote Kemularia.
According to Kemularia, too many injured people have nowhere reported that they were damaged on June 20. According to Kemularia, they deserve compensation and a new movement will help them. Kemularia responds to a report by NGOs regarding the June 20 events, stating that the authorities failed to gain public trust in the investigation.
"This is political retribution, such a conclusion was made. International organizations are learning this and today, we are announcing that. Next to me is a brave mother, a woman who protects her child, protects the children of others ...” - Kemularia said.
Kote Kemularia also spoke at a briefing on possible government changes. One of the leaders of the opposition party said that the resignation of several ministers would not change anything, and Ivanishvili"s government needed to be completely changed.