26 September 2021,   17:54
No one has expressed the desire to buy "Rustavi 2" yet

No one has expressed the desire to buy "Rustavi 2" at this time. Paata Salia does not specify how much interest Khalvashi is going to sell.
Asked why it was put up for sale in the negative context of "Rustavi 2," Paata Salia said that the potential buyer should be aware of the debts of the company.
“We have presented the real-time situation, If there is no buyer we will continue our job here,” - Paata Salia said.
As for Rustavi 2"s debt to the budget, the Finance Minister said today that he has not got any offer from "Rustavi 2" about annul of debts. Paata Salia said that he plans to hold talks with the state.
“It is necessary to find common language with the state, in this case the Revenue Service. As you know, about $ 27 million is budget debt. It is impossible for the company to continue functioning without it. You know, not too long ago when I came to the company,” - said Paata Salia.