31 October 2020,   05:51
Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in TV Pirveli - Investigators took the server of the Broadcasting Company

Investigators in TV Pirveli have completed their work. Officers from the MIA"s Cybercrime Department were in the building for about an hour. The investigation was launched under two articles - Articles 224 and 286 of the Criminal Code, which involve unauthorized access to a computer system and interference with computer data.
According to the "Courier," the investigation is being conducted by the same people who launched investigation on Cyber Attack on TBC Bank a year ago, but nothing was revealed. Even though they knew the address - Rustaveli 12, from where the Cyber Attack conducted.
"It is likely that the crypto virus is spread in the server from which these files were shared. These files are completely encrypted and therefore it is impossible to broadcast live. The server is seized. Investigative Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was here. Work is in progress. Most crypto viruses have a handwriting where e-mails can be fixed, such as screen, desktop screen and specific messages," - said Giorgi Gvasalia, an IT specialist.
For the past ten hours, TV Pirveli has been in emergency mode. Independent television has lost access to its main server, video archive and all the video material the company has been collecting for five years. After the Cyber Attack, the TV Pirveli failed to air the news again. Broadcasting was only partially restored.