16 January 2021,   13:39
"Cyber Attack really suits to the recent on-going events of the country" - Diana Trapaidze on Cyber Attack on TV Pirveli

For the past ten hours, TV Pirveli has been in emergency mode. Independent television has lost access to its main server, video archive and all the video material the company has been collecting for five years. After the cyber attack, the TV Pirveli failed to air the news again. Broadcasting was only partially restored.
"In fact, the video archive has been destroyed, the server, the technical base that can deliver the material to the viewer, is under attack and cannot be used. In fact we can only broadcast in live mode. The news can"t be aired so I will try to live stream only what is happening with one camera and several switching devices, which will pass it on to the viewer. Video material that needs to be processed properly is still not available and we are trying to find alternative resources. In the context of recent events, what is happening in the country, the cyber attack really suits to it, but I will wait until the end. However, the first thing we know of is a type of cyber attack, a crypto virus that completely malfunctions the server and destroys all of its contents. There is nothing in our technical base,” - Diana Trapaidze said.
Special group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs recently arrived to the TV Pirveli. According to the "Courier," investigation is under control of people who conducted investigative procedures on the case of TBC Bank, they could not revealed anything despite the fact they knew the address - Rustaveli 12, from where the cyber attack happened.