30 November 2020,   10:06
He has the power to fight this oligarchic regime and put his stone in the dismantling of this system - Gotsiridze talks about Mamuka Khazaradze


Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the parliamentary faction "National Movement" responds to Mamuka Khazaradze"s statement. He positively estimates Mamuka Khazaradze"s attempts to get involved in the process and says that the businessman made the decision because of the economic and political situation in the country.

"He has the resources to get enough political support and he has the power to fight this oligarchic regime," Gotsiridze said.

According to Roman Gotsiridze, although Khazaradze announced the founding of the civil movement, it actually involves the creation of a political movement.

According to the MP, the businessman himself was affected by the repressions in the country.

"The statement made by Mamuka Khazaradze that he creates a political movement, in fact, we have to understand as a sign that the situation is already at the edge and the business is no longer able to breathe and everyone has to do something together," Gotsiridze said.