21 January 2021,   02:42
Investigation will determine the circle of interviewees - Matiikashvili on Chubinidze"s Interrogation Request

Members of the Georgian Dream respond to the request of the opposition to question the Head of the State Security Service. Davit Matikashvili, the leaders of the parliamentary majority says that the investigative body will determine the list of persons to be questioned on the night of June 20 and this is not a prerogative of politicians.

As for the opposition"s request to set up a parliamentary commission, which will investigate the dispersal of the rally on June 20, the ruling party lawmaker said the additional measures will be taken if there remains question mark after the investigation.

“ I think any question should be answered if such questions arise. This is, of course, the prerogative of the law enforcement agency, the investigative body. They should determine the individuals who will be interrogated in this regard, ”Davit Matiikashvili said.