23 September 2021,   00:47
Visits are not a problem, but the number and how it is done is important - Gigauri on business trip expenditures

Increased expenditures on business trips- NGOs say members of the ruling team should refrain from living in luxurious hotels while traveling abroad.
Eka Gigauri, executive director of Transparency International Georgia, said that when there are too many problems to be resolved in the country, the government should not allow itself the luxury.
"It is more important for a government official to live in a better hotel when abroad, or use those funds to tackle unemployment or to undertake any infrastructure project, that"s a major question. Of course, international visits are not a problem, of course, but once again, the number and how it is done is very important, because there are so many issues to be resolved in this country, ”said Eka Gigauri.
Lawyer Saba Buadze says the promise given by the leaders of the so-called ruling team to economize remains only as a promise. He said that every time the government talks about reducing bureaucratic spending, the result is the opposite.