19 September 2021,   11:14
Prime Minister"s Administration has broken all records - GEL 2 million 320 thousand for overseas visits

Increased Business trip Expenses - The Prime Minister"s Administration has broken all records. In January-June this year, Prime Minister Bakhtadze and his team spent GEL 2 million 320 thousand for overseas visits.
While in the first six months of last year, the government needed only 858,000 GEL for business travel. According to the State Audit Office, GEL 2 million will be spent on business travel by all budget agencies in 2019.
The opposition said that officials travel affects the national currency.
"There are no state institutions where such expenditures are not increased. That means you use GEL to buy dollars, euros. I am not saying that business travel expenses are the cause of devalued GEL, but when something like this happens everywhere, when hundreds of millions of money goes into worthless projects and then part of it is collected and returned to state officials in a corrupt manner, that is the main reason for the devaluation of GEL," - Roman Gotsiridze.
Giorgi Kandelaki said that while the country does not pursue active diplomacy against the Russian occupation, the increase of business expenses under these conditions is another proof of detrimental intentions of "Georgian Dream."