26 October 2021,   15:06
Whether personnel cleansing has started on Rustavi 2 - the chief lawyer of the channel has been released

The release of Tamta Muradashvili from Rustavi 2 was perceived by a part of the civil sector as a pre-emptive signal of a planned attack on the editorial policy of the channel.
The dismissal of a lawyer is a mechanism to influence current editorial policy according to the chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association.
Some NGOs are monitoring the ongoing processes in the company and calling on the authorities to bring to an end a case in which justice for the founders of the channel should be restored, not partially, but fully.
Part of the civil sector claims that the director general of Rustavi 2 is not serious. According to Paata Salia, the former lawyer of Rustavi 2, who brought the channel to the Strasbourg court for a precautionary measure to suspend the contract, was fired for breach of contract.
Paata Salia and Tamta Muradashvili are likely to meet each other now in the court. The former lawyer of the channel accuses the acting director of taking revenge on her. Muradashvili alleges that Paata Salia was actively seeking reasons for her dismissal and fired her on an obscure basis. What is meant by the release of Tamta Muradashvili from Rustavi 2 is well known in the opposition, where it has already been assessed as carrying out a simple task behind which is Bidzina Ivanishvili.