26 October 2021,   16:40
The owner of TV Pirveli was summoned to the prosecutor"s office

Vato Tsereteli, the owner of TV Pirveli, has been summoned for questioning. He wrote about it on the social network.
Vato Tsereteli notes that he is summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office, but says he will answer questions only in the presence of a magistrate judge.
Vato Tsereteli writes that he will not let anybody to strangle TV Pirveli.
"They have summoned me to the prosecutor"s office. I will answer any question only in the presence of a magistrate judge. However, I tell you in advance, I  will not let anybody strangle  TV Pirveli !!! This television will not be influenced by anyone! Your chances are zero! You can"t catch every one! You can"t scare everyone! "- writes Vato Tsereteli on the social network.