26 October 2021,   15:14
"It is about editorial policy and its change" - Nata Dzvelishvili

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics responds to the dismissal of Chief Lawyer of "Rustavi 2" as interference in the editorial independence of the company.
The executive director of the organization is convinced that the dismissal of Tamta Muradashvili is part of a scenario previously planned by the authorities.
According to Nata Dzvelishvili, the executive director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, if the government achieves its goal and turns "Rustavi 2" to the pro-government television, the country"s rate of democracy will decline significantly.
"It is about editorial policy and its change. From the new season, I"m sure many changes will take place. Critical Media Outlets, this is one of the key indicators of the state of democracy in the country,” - said Dzvelishvili.
GYLA"s chief, Sulkhan Saladze, suspects that this may be the beginning of a long-term process that could endanger the editorial policy of the broadcasting company.
Paata Salia, the new director-general of "Rustavi 2," has fired the chief lawyer. According to Tamta Muradashvili, she received an e-mail notification. The director of the Broadcasting Company cites breach of contract terms as the reason for dismissal.