26 October 2021,   15:59
"We do not share the record about the banning of negative advertisement and sanctions" - NGO representatives

Amendments to the electoral legislation do not meet any of the challenges - this is how NGO representatives assess the changes to the Election Code.
According to them, the recommendation of the international organizations was a significant change of the electoral legislation, and that what was presented by the governing team. According to Sulkhan Saladze, GYLA does not share the record about the banning of anti-advertisement and sanctions.
According to Levan Natroshvili, the manager of the "Transparency International - Georgia," the new changes also impose the problem for the media with the political parties.
"Media organizations should be very cautious during the campaign as sanctions are tightened, I think this will not help to be created a comfortable environment for the media during the election campaign. As for the political parties here, hate speech has a very broad content and it can be interpreted in several ways,” - Natroshvili said.