27 June 2022,   07:25
"We do not have a specific answer yet," - Salia talks about the Rustavi 2 proposal regarding public council

Paata Salia, General Director of Rustavi 2 TV, speaks about the offer of Rustavi 2 journalists.
According to Paata Salia, the decision has not yet been made whether to share the team`s offer or not. The offer suggests the creation of a Media Council as a guarantee of the independence of editorial policy and critical news programs.
According to Salia, the authors of the initiative will introduce their position in the afternoon.
According to the media council initiative, the Public Council of Rustavi 2 should be created from representatives of the authoritative NGOs working in the field of media and human rights. The following is composition is offered:GYLA - Sulkhan Saladze, "Georgian Democratic Initiative" - Giorgi Mshvenieradze, "Fair Elections" - Mikheil Benidze, "Charter of Journalistic Ethics" - Nata Dzvelishvili, Media researcher - Nino Danelia, Journalist Zviad Koridze, MediaExpert Lasha Tugushi and the two members selected by the new owner . Without consideration and confirmation of this council, the new management of Rustavi 2 will not be able to receive and release those employees who create political content.