07 June 2023,   00:19
Georgian people lose not only Rustavi 2, but also lose Georgia and its freedom - Bachuki Kardava

The Georgian people are losing not only Rustavi 2 but Georgia and its freedom as well- Bachuki Kardava, the chairperson of National Democratic Party has commented on the decision of the European Court on Rustavi 2.

Kardava says that Bidzina Ivanishvili is acting in accordance with Russia"s instructions on this case and names Sergey Lavrov"s ultimatum as an example.
According to Bachuki Kardava, the government has launched an active attack to seize the broadcasting company.

"Ivanishvili"s regime is in a hurry, of course. They hurry to end democracy and freedom of speech in the country. Ivanishvili is not alone in this case, he is backed by Russia," - Kardava said.