30 January 2023,   02:27
"This is an accelerated attempt of the government to take away the critical media" - Dito Sadzaglishvili on the decision of the Public Registry

The government was very quick to reflect this change in the registry - this statement was made by the lawyer Dito Sadzaglishvili.
The lawyer of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 claims that the Ministry of Justice operates with speedy steps in favor of the government.
Dito Sadzaglishvili says that Tea Tsulukiani"s Office violated the law, which shows that the government was quick to make changes in the registry.
"The actions of the Public Registry was the violation of the law when two document registered with accelerated regime. Authorities want to expell the free speech as soon as possible. This is a wrong decision, it is an illegal decision. Kibal Khalvashi violated the rights of the owners of the "Rustavi 2" when he registered himself as the owner without the results of appeal." - said Dito Sadzaglishvili.
According to the lawyer, the Ministry of Justice did not take into account the document that was signed between the owners of the broadcasting company and Nika Gvaramia.
"As for the resignation of the Director, yesterday we presented the contract to the registrar, where the rules and conditions were codified how the director should be dismissed, but apparently the registering authority did not take into consideration the legal document that was signed between the company and the general director. Another important issue is in the data of the registry, it shows that additional documentation has been presented, which may be assumed that initially, the application was missing a certain document, but instead of official procedures additional document has been submitted by the Public Registry," - said the lawyer.