05 December 2021,   13:02
Gigi Tsereteli has become a target of attacks by Russian MPs

Attack of the Russian delegation against Gigi Tsereteli - because of the resolution adopted by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, one of the leaders of the opposition and the president of the Assembly became the target of attacks by Russian MPs.

The Russian delegation is so irritated with the content of the document that they openly demand Gigi Tsereteli"s arrival in Russia. They demand that Gigi Tsereteli make explanations about the specific details of the resolution in Moscow.
Gigi Tsereteli was waiting for aggression from Russian MPs and was not surprised. Tsereteli says that Russian MPs were still irritated in Luxembourg because they could not stop resolution supporting Georgia and Ukraine.
In the hall, the Russians tried to disrupt the meeting, which they failed to do.
After the resolution was adopted, the statements of Russian MPs were very aggressive towards Gigi Tsereteli. They were saying that the rules were violated, there was no quorum and that Gigi Tsereteli should be held accountable.
The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Chairperson says that he does not intend to arrive in Moscow and make explanations. According to Gigi Tsereteli, all questions were answered at the Luxembourg session.