20 September 2020,   15:23
"I saw everything from above ... Ambassadors were with me" - Scandalous statement of Giorgi Gakharia on the bloody night of 20th of June

The announcement of Giorgi Gakharia might lead Georgia to the diplomatic scandal. In the political talk show "Reaction" of Inga Grigolia, Minister of Internal Affairs said that the process of raiding of the people was observed from the parliament by the foreign ambassadors in Georgia until seven o"clock in the morning. Gakhria has taken the responsibility for the bloody night and he shared this responsibility with the Ambassadors too.
The minister did not name them, but he said that the investigation will reveal the actions of people in the parliament with him.
"The group remaining until 7 o"clock in the morning were destabilizing the city. I was there, I observed all of it and I saw some politicians leading the aggression. During this time I was not alone, the ambassadors of several countries were with me. I will not name them, the investigation will reveal who was there and in what they were involved, " - Giorgi Gakharia said.