28 January 2022,   06:20
Statements were made by state agencies that had to be made at such a time - Mamuka Bakhtadze speaks about Gabunia"s monologue

"The statements were made by our government, including state agencies, which should have been made at such a time," - the Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze responds to the fact that almost complete composition of the government made statements after the monologue of Rustavi 2 TV program P.S.
According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, after Gabunia"s obscene expressions against Vladimir Putin, the government members made relevant statements.
"The statements were made on our side, including by the state agencies that were to be made at such a time. The assessment is unequivocal, the Georgian people once again saw this destructive power, they are driven to harm Georgian statehood and create problems for Georgian society and Georgian people, "Mamuka Bakhtadze said.
Besides Giorgi Gabunia, Prime Minister criticizes the "National Movement" and states that the aim of the opposition party is to damage the national interests.
.After Gabunia"s monologue, where he uses obscene statements in address of the Russian president, the leaders of the government made statements and urged the immediate reaction. The Prime Minister of Georgia, the President, the Chairman of the Parliament, the Foreign Ministry and the "Georgian Dream" leaders made statements. Response was instant and quick. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also appealed to international organizations.TV company "Rustavi 2" has released a statement saying that the author of the copyright program violated the standard of journalistic ethics.