05 December 2021,   12:28
A series of detentions began - 4 people were detained on June 20 case

A series of detentions has started. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently detained 4 persons for anti-occupation, protest on the night of 20 June. The detainees are Tsotne Soselia, Besik Tamaliani, Kakhaber Kupreishvili and Zurab Budaghashvili. One of the detainees is a member of the "National Movement". They are accused of participating in group violence. The crime envisages from 6 to 9 years of imprisonment.
"The investigation revealed that during the events that took place in front of the Parliament on June 20-21, these individuals took part in group violence, while using various subjects to attack policemen," Vladimir Bortsadze said. According to Bortsvadze, their arrest for participation in group violence was based on a judge"s decision ."Within the scope of the investigation, Nikanor Melia was charged with organizing and participating in group violence on the rally which was by the Prosecutor"s Office under Article 225 § 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The court sentenced a bail to the accused as a preventive measure and imposed a number of restrictions, including electronic monitoring, which implies a commitment to carry electronic device.
"Within the scope of this case, another 4 persons were detained on the basis of a judge"s decision for participation in group violence. The process of identification of other persons participating in the offense is intensively going on and the appropriate legal action will be gradually proceeding upon obtaining relevant evidence", Bortsadze said.