05 December 2021,   11:57
Remote control of Nika Melia is unconstitutional - 17 political parties publish a joint statement

Remote control of Nika Melia is unconstitutional. 17 political parties publish a joint protest statement.
The decision against Nika Melia of Murasidze-Chinchaladze"s court, controlled by the "Georgian Dream" is contrary to the Constitution of Georgia and represents the "best" example of an anti-democratic rule, "the political leaders say.
The statement says that according to the constitution and legislation of Georgia, it is inadmissible to restrict parliamentary activities of the MP. Obviously, this step is an attempt by the government to restrict the parliamentary and political activity of the opposition party and once again confirms the irreversible breakdown of democratic institutions in the country under the Georgian Dream"s government. The leaders of the 17 political parties consider that the Constitutional Court of Georgia should discuss the verdict of Nika Melia.