05 December 2021,   13:22
"This is immoral," - David Bakradze assesses suspension of authority of the Special Forces officer and demands to punish political leadership

Charging the middle class and ordinary employees does not exempt the Interior Minister from liability - is the assessment by the opposition of suspension of the authority of the head of the special task force Giorgi Kakhichashvili. Opponents of the ruling team say that Giorgi Gakharia and Anzor Chubinidze should take responsibility for the developments on June 20 and 21.
Representatives of the opposition are convinced that Giorgi Kakhichashvili could not have been able to take the decision on the people"s riot.
"Charging only the middlemen and ordinary employees will not work, the first responsible person is the interior minister, and the issue of responsibility of Anzor Chubinidze should also be raised, including the responsibility of the Head of the State Security of Georgia, Vakhtang Gomelauri," said the member of the UNM member Khatia Dekanoidze.
One of the leaders of "European Georgia", Davit Bakradze considers imposing responsibility on the special unit to be a matter of immorality and says that first of all, political leadership should be held accountable.