05 December 2021,   10:58
According to Kutsnashvili, the purpose of the rallies was to seize power

"If anybody thinks that the problem may be solved by rallies, they are at least naive,"- Zakaria Kutsnasqhvili, the member of Georgian Dream comments on the protest rally. 

Kutsnasqhvili, the main host of Russian MP- Sergei Gavrilov believes that the issue of occupation should be resolved through peaceful negotiations not by war.


Zakaria Kutsnashvili says that the main purpose of the events of June 20-21 was the plan to seize the power. According to the MP, it  damaged by the national interests of Georgia.


"Russian politicians will talk about it for a long time. You can not change the situation with waving a flag. This situation may be changed only with use of  international instruments - we can overcome occupation through negotiations and not by war, "Zakaria Kutsnashvili said.