28 November 2021,   20:58
"This process has gone beyond constitutional limits," experts about the use of disproportionate forces on June 20

The punitive operation against their fellow citizens - is the assessment of security experts of events on the night of 20 June and mobilization of an unprecedented number of special forces.
Specialists say that the government has mobilized all divisions to confront the population protesting against Russian occupation. Experts are demanding Giorgi Gakharia`s resignation. They talk about the necessity of objective investigation, which will determine who issued orders on the night of June 20.
"This process has gone beyond constitutional limits, complicated by the fact the system of security, in general, has been eliminated, and everything is based on the informal ruler and the people close to him, which is why this operation has been punitive and that is why he has brought disproportionate strength from the whole Georgia, "- said Batu Kutelia ,Vice-President of the " the Atlantic Council ".