05 December 2021,   12:46
"I was brutally beaten up," - injured rally participant was questioned in the Prosecutor"s Office

Another victim of 20 June, who blames the law enforcers for violence - Ramaz Aivazashvili recounts bloody crackdown and says that that first he was hit in the head with a bat, then dragged into the yard of the parliament and physically assaulted by law enforcers there. Aivazashvili has already informed the Prosecutor"s Office about the details. The investigation into the case is carried out under the article pertaining to abuse of power. The rights of victims are protected by lawyers of the "Constitution Article 42" organization.
In a few days, Aivazashvili will be summoned to the Investigative Office to identify those policemen who participated in his beating.
"First of all we ask the police to punish those who have used excessive and disproportionate force," said Ramaz Aivazashvili.