27 September 2020,   08:27
The anti-corruption policy does not respond to the Association Agreement and undertaken obligations - TI

Georgia"s Anti-Corruption Policy fails to respond to the Association Agreement and obligations under its agenda - The research was conducted by Transparency International - Georgia on the situation in terms of corruption.
The document states that in contrast to petty corruption, it is not possible to improve the situation in the fight against high levels of corruption.
The study says that the government does not investigate cases of corruption when dealing with high-ranking officials or influential people related to the ruling party.Specific examples are included. The recommendations are also presented in the study.
"There is never an effective investigation into alleged cases of corruption. For example, the case of Omega Group during the presidential election, violation of the election campaign funding rules, bribing of the voters, the case of TBC Bank and alleged pressure on the management of "TBC Bank". Our law enforcement and investigative agencies do not have adequate independence, "said Erekle Urushadze, managing director of the NGO Transparency International Georgia.