13 August 2020,   09:41
We have heard cheap political speculation - Prime Minister criticizes opposition

We"ve heard cheap political speculation - the Prime Minister"s said regarding opposition"s comments after leaving the Parliament`s Sitting Hall. According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, political speculations were heard instead of meaningful statements by the opponents. The Prime Minister talked about the importance of the interpolation mechanism and expressed hope that the opposition will continue to use it in the future as it was used today.
"The mechanism of interpolation is an essential part of parliamentary democracy, where the executive authorities come and answer questions, including acute questions. Unfortunately, we have seen the same picture, we heard cheap political speculation, "Mamuka Bakhtadze said.
Like the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister criticized the opposition. According to Ivane Machavariani, opponents" questions were characterized by populism.
"This type of meetings and interpolation are very politicized. The PM also noted and I also want to emphasize that we would like to be more thematic and more professionally opposed, "Ivane Machavariani said.