13 August 2020,   10:10
"We should not be compatible with injustice" - Kirkitadze"s first comment after release

Davit Kirkitadze, one of the UNM leaders has made the first comment after the release from the prison. He has thanked all those people, who supported him.

Davit Kirkitadze spoke about the incident in December 2018. He said that despite the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs illegally restrained the free movement of citizens, he regrets that there was a confrontation between him and the police officer.

"My actions were aimed only to one aim - to free the road for protesters. Give them the opportunity to reach Telavi and protest the most unfair elections, even though the MIA illegally restrained the constitutional right, I"m sincerely sorry that I confronted the police officers because we care about the prestige of police , "- said David Kirkitadze.