10 August 2020,   20:50
Corruption scandal in Zugdidi City Hall - Georgian businessman working in Russia blames Mayor and his deputy for taking bribes

Zugdidi Mayor Lasha Gogia left the post after he learned that "Saturday Courier" had recording about his possible corrupt deals. On Tuesday, the vice-mayor of the city Gia Gulordava was irritated by the question of "Rustavi 2" about his involvement in corruption deals.

Courier vonducted a journalistic investigation on the secret record that deals with bribes given in large amount by one businessman to the local government. From the conversation that is secretly recorded, the Georgian businessman working in Russia gave a bribe to Zugdidi Mayor and his deputy in exchange for winning the auction, but the condition was violated and Zurab Kvirkvia did not grt the desired territories.

In extensive record, businessman Zurab Kvirkvia tells about the corruption deals and specifies how much money he has paid. According to the secret record, businessman Kvirkvia wanted to buy a low-cost auto-railway, railway station and Gulua Park in Zugdidi. Today, businessman Zurab Kvirkva has not made a statement. The explanations were not made by other participants of the hidden record.

Gia Gulordava, former deputy mayor of Zugdidi, is the father of Goga Gulordava, a member of "Georgian Dream" member, majoritarian MP for Tsalenjikha and Chkhorotsku. The MP did not want to make a television statement. Only said he did not interfere with his father"s work and the investigation should establish possible corruption deals

According to Rustavi 2, the state security service was aware of possible corrupt deals and scandalous recordings of high officials of Zugdidi City Hall, but the investigation was launched only after "Courier" transmitted a secret recording at 12 o"clock.
The scandalous recording was handed to "Courier" by Kakha Mikaia, One of the former supporters of "Georgian Dream" and leader of "Defend Georgia" said that similar deals in Samegrelo, especially in Zugdidi, became of a common occurrence. Kakha Mikaia demands punishment of all the applicants of the case.

Opponents of the government responded to possible corruption. The opposition speaks about the scheme by which "Georgian Dream" and its local representation work in Zugdidi. The part of the opponents of the government believes that the dismissal of former mayor of Zugdidi is related to internal confrontation in the Georgian Dream.
The Secretary General of "Georgian Dream" has not hidden the fact that there are questions about the fact. Kakha Kaladze has warned his teammates today and said that all those who are guilty of the crime will be punished .