05 June 2020,   15:53
Thermal screening rules to be changed at Poti checkpoints

Due to movement security measures, control mechanism has been changed at Poti checkpoints. In order to prevent traffic jams the military doctors of the 22nd Battalion, II Infantry Brigade conduct thermal screening for the citizens in their vehicles. Only in case of high temperature a citizen is to undergo another thermal screening at the field medical centers nearby the checkpoints.

In case of suspicious symptoms the military doctors elaborate information about the citizen, search his/her contacts and immediately deliver information to the Command Center of West Command and Emergency Medical Center.

After declaring the universal quarantine, the 22nd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade is mobilized at two checkpoints – near the river Rioni and Maltakva throughout Poti town. Together with the law-enforcements, the military control vehicles traffic, decontaminate transport means with special solutions and check health conditions of each citizen for 24 hours.