16 February 2020,   23:38
They are obliged to warn protesters - Eka Beselia accuses MIA of violating the law

Eka Beselia accuses MIA of violating the law. The MP commented on the statement of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, who noted that the protesters were not warned ton the night of June 20.

Beselia says that the investigative agency is obliged to warn the participants before the dispersal.

"If the deputy minister says that due to the mess and physical confrontation it was not possible to warn protestors, it would mean that they have not warned the rally participants that they would use special equipment. It can not be justified, because the law says that in any situation those, who use special equipment, have to warn the rally participants,"- says Eka Beselia.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs admits that the protesters were not warned. In an interview with IPN Kakha Sabamnadze says that they did not have time to warn the rally participants due to the tense situation in front of the parliament on June 20.