16 February 2020,   23:26
"Attack and provocation against Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov," - "Alliance of Patriots" apologized to the Russian Federation

"The deputy of the legislative body of the Russian Federation Sergei Gavrilov was attacked in Tbilisi by destructive forces aimed disruption of bilateral relations between Russia and Georgia" - the statement made by Giorgi Lomia, MP who visits Moscow. Members of the "Alliance of Patriots" are there with a narrow party mandate and tasks, although Russian media assesses this visit and covers the format of a parliamentary dialogue between the two countries.
"The destructive forces in Georgia have tried once again to do everything to spoil relations between Georgia and Russia. The provocation against Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov and the racist journalist of the Rustavi 2 is a chain link that all provocations are aimed at relations between Russia and Georgia. These destructive forces are Saakashvili"s "United National Movement" and Giga Bokeria. They still have the opportunity to continue their political activities in Georgia and enhance communication with their foreign sponsors," - said Giorgi Lomia.