16 February 2020,   23:40
Path to Easter Cathedral is closed - official meeting is held on top of Desert Monastery Lavra

The path to the Easter Cathedral is closed in David Gareji. The decision was made by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan after yesterday"s incident. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into yesterday"s incident. Yesterday, officers of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan expelled icons from the churches that were later returned by the civilians. An official meeting is held on the head of the Desert Monastery. However, it is not clear who is attending the meeting. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, "Courier" was told that no one is in Gareji.
As for the general situation, locals, civic activists and clerics ask the Georgian authorities to act respectively to avoid further straining of the situation.
"When you see your monastery"s close door, no one will get calm. Therefore, the monastery should be immediately opened, and urgently need to reach the people there. As for negotiations, there is a map, which was found in Aliyev during Shevardnadze-Aliyev should be the boundary, this is the only official map, where the Desert Monastery is on our side," - Says Father Zaza Tatunashvili.