25 February 2020,   03:09
Population"s verdict for Georgian Dream - UNM about results of IRI survey

Population"s verdict for Georgian Dream - United National Movement comments on the result of IRI survey.

According to Grigol Vashadze, the opposition has a full confidence in the organization and the outcomes of the IRI survey outline the full picture of what the opposition speaks about.

" NDI and IRI researches have always been of great importance for everyone - citizens and political spectrum. Our party has declared it many times and I will confirm that this organization has our full support.
Second, the main highlight of the survey is that the situation has worsened in every direction . Economics, unemployment, social situation corruption.
The main thing is that these studies confirm what United Opposition states, That the seven years of governance ends with complete disaster, "Grigol Vashadze said.

The party members say that further researches will be far more acute for "Georgian Dream", as the survey, obtained by " Courier", was carried out before the bloody night of June 20.