24 February 2020,   11:27
"President laughed, became aggressive and insulted, which shocked us" - Georgian students in Germany

"The president laughed and became aggressive than she insulted us, which was a real shock" - said Georgian student who attended the meeting in Germany.
Salome Zurabishvili met with Georgian students living in Germany. Students asked critical questions about the on-going processes in Georgia. The students said that their questions irritated the president. Mrs Zurabishvili was asked about Davit Gareji"s case, on June 20, as well as relations with Russia and the statements of Russian officials. The students say that the president was calm when they were talking about sports and education.
"It"s hard when we have such a situation in Georgia and we are talking about sport and education. It was exactly our protest, and here we started. She wanted to talk about issues were not interesting for us from today"s perspective. We asked some critical questions to the President of Georgia, which caused her irritation. At first, she was very calm when questions were about sports, education, etc. When we asked about political issues and the social problems that we have in Georgia right now she became aggressive. We did not expect such a reaction from the president because she has to be committed to taking it easy.
Strange statements were made, the comic situation was created. She called us illiterate. I said "You have an immediate reaction to Gabunia"s statement in which he insulted the Russian president. Based on the above, it is a legitimate question - does the current president of Georgia tries to implement Russian policy in our country?!" She replied to that question ironically, laughed and then irritated, became very aggressive and moved to insult. We are shocked because of the President"s attitude towards the students, "- said Giorgi Khimshiashvili.
After Salome Zourabichvili walked out from the hall, students covered the eye, with this sign they protested the night of June 20.