16 February 2020,   23:53
"Process in the Council of Justice can be compared to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle" - Levan Koberidze

The former deputies of "Georgian Dream" declare mistrust to the judge"s selection process in the Supreme Court. They say that the privileged group pre-elects judges to take control over three instances of the court.
At this moment, there is a meeting between the non-judge members of the High Council of Justice and former MPs from the "Georgian Dream." They are discussing the violations revealed during the Supreme Court judges" selection procedure.
Levan Koberidze, a member of the Parliament, Gldani majoritarian MP compares the process of selection of judges to the mysticism.
"The process going in the Council of Justice, I would like to compare to some of the Bermudian triangles. I think that the society should know what is actually happening, so we have invited non-judge members to the parliament," - Koberidze said.
Davit Usupashvili, chairman of the "Development Movement" states that if the Council of Justice fails to announce impartial judges, everything will be under parliament"s responsibility.
"I hope that there will be little improvement in the Parliament here because of the previous experience. I think some people really understand the necessity of that," - Usupashvili said.