25 February 2020,   04:28
Corruption Prevention - Georgia implemented only 5 out of 16 recommendations from the Council of Europe

70% of the recommendations regarding corruption prevention in Georgia are not fully implemented - the statement released by the "Institute for Development of Freedom of Information." It states that Georgia has done only 5 out of 16 recommendations about the prevention of corruption released by the Council of Europe.
IDFI has studied the performance of the Judicial Power, the Prosecutor"s office and the parliament of Georgia. According to the report, one of the important recommendations that Georgia has not done for three years is about the immunity of the judge.
"The recommendation, which has not been implemented, relates to the immunity of the judges. GRECO"s position is that the independence of Judicial Power is dependent on functional immunity. The offences that do not relate to the performance of the judge like murder and etc shouldn"t be reviewed as the part immunity. Furthermore, the system of property declaration does not cover all employees. In some cases Prosecutors perform beyond the system, which is critically incompatible with the standards of the Council of Europe, " - Said Mariam Maisuradze, head of the Anti-Corruption Department of IDFI.